Our Snacks

Hand made in Hertfordshire, England, our healthy, gluten and dairy free snacks are bursting with natural flavours and raw energy.

Each bite and ball is fibre-filled and full of raw goodness making our snacks perfect for the whole family. Whether eaten as a quick snack in between meals or as a welcome surprise in any child’s lunch box, you are getting the very best ingredients.

Our Story

Moral Fibre first sprouted its leaves when founder Jenny, inspired by her healthy and active upbringing in Sydney, Australia set about creating simple, delicious and, most importantly, healthy snacks. 

With such a large selection of sugar-filled snacks and treats on offer it is easy to consume much more sugar than our bodies need, even when we may have the best intentions.

This is why Moral Fibre has worked carefully with nutritionists, dieticians and personal trainers in order to create a range of delicious snacks that treat you well.

Our Ingredients

Using raw ingredients and a gentle dehydration process, you get as much nutrition as possible with every bite. 

All of our ingredients are ethically sourced and the closer the produce is grown to our kitchen and the more organic it is, the better.

Our Packaging

We strive to be as ethical as possible. Our packaging is as guilt-free as our snacks.

We use only water based printing inks and sustainable materials in our packaging. This means that not only do they keep our snacks fresh but they’re compostable, biodegradable and reusable too.

Our clear snack pack bags, for example, are made from wood-pulp which comes from managed plantations and can be put in your compost at home. And once you’re done with our pots why not use them as a snack refill, make jelly with them, grow seedlings or simply store all sorts of bits and bobs.

 Our young daughter mesmerised by the Queensland tropical fruit

Our young daughter mesmerised by the Queensland tropical fruit

 Picking local raspberries

Picking local raspberries

 Family picnic in Australia in the 60s

Family picnic in Australia in the 60s