Morally sound snacking.

Raw energy. Fabulous flavours. Guilt-free snacks. 

Do you love to snack without the moral dilemma of choosing something either healthy or delicious?

Each of our handmade ‘bites & balls’ is nutritionally crafted, either hand rolled or gently air-dried to sustain your energy levels without any added sugar and naturally free of gluten and dairy.

   Raw plant-based ingredients rich in fibre and protein come together in fabulous flavours:  Figberry Balls, Banananut Bites, Courgette Crunch, Chilli Crunch, Banana Berry Bites, Raspberry Cocolossal Balls, Exotic Seedy Fruity Bites & Choco Banananut Bites

Whether you pack them into your lunchbox, briefcase or yoga bag, a little pot of morals is all you need to snack virtuously throughout your busy day. 

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For snack-lovers who want delicious, energising and
guilt-free treats,
Moral Fibre snacks a punch.  

Feel sustained energy without added sugar.

We know it's too easy these days to consume too much sugar, so we don't add any to our snacks. Just a few bites will keep you satisfied without that spike and crash associated with refined sugar. 

Satisfy your craving for texture and flavour.

Our healthy snacks are packed with nutritional goodness: fibre-rich dates & figs, protein-packed nuts, healthy fats from coconut, and superfoods such as cacao, maca, goji berries & cinnamon.

Hand-rolled using a gentle air-drying process, each bite retains the nutritional benefits while giving you the natural sweetness or savoury crunch that you crave. 

Snack virtuously on the go.

                     Infused with personality and conveniently presented in reusable clear pots, your daily dose of morals never looked or tasted this good. 


...and the story of our morals?

Raised on sunshine, fresh air and her mother’s wholesome cooking, Australian-born Jenny Moloney founded Moral Fibre Food after putting down roots in the naturally beautiful Chilterns.

Jenny BNBs 1500 pxls.jpg

On a quest to replace her love of homemade cakes with healthier options, Jenny designed our award-winning ‘bites & balls’ that rely on natural sugars to create flavour and energy. Our wholesome ingredients are sourced sustainably – you might even spot Jenny at the local pick-your-own farm. 


“Moral excellence comes about as a result of habit” -Aristotle

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