Family bush picnic in the 1960s with my mum, younger sister and brother

Family bush picnic in the 1960s with my mum, younger sister and brother


Hi, I’m Jenny...designer, mum and founder of Moral Fibre Food.  

When I first thought about starting a business, I found myself returning to my roots in sunny Sydney, Australia, and the memories I had of living there. Walks along white sandy beaches, coffee with friends overlooking the harbour and family holidays in sunny Queensland where we cooked fish caught fresh that day for dinner. Together we enjoyed simple, delicious fresh ingredients and many exquisite meals.

My mother was a dedicated homemaker and an early pioneer in making nutritious, healthy food in the 1950s, well before people started questioning what they were eating in the way they do today. Her food was always delicious and energising, reflecting the typical British-style cuisine of the times. However, she often modified these recipes to maximise the healthier elements. At the same time, unlike many other mums, she also incorporated new and exciting foods emerging from Asia and the rest of the world. My mother is the reason why I love healthy cooking and eating – she passed on to me the pleasures of sharing food with family and friends, staying active and living life, and I thank her every day for this gift.

Today, I am not alone in my passion for fresh, healthy food – most of us can, and do choose to eat healthy, well balanced meals. My concern is the amount of refined sugar we consume these days and the vast array of medical problems associated with it ranging from extreme tiredness and listlessness to obesity and Type 2 Diabetes.

Moral Fibre Food began when I wanted something to replace my love of homemade cakes, high in sugars and fats. When I couldn’t find anything on the market, I started to experiment. My goal was to create healthy, sweet and savoury snacks with punchy flavours and appealing textures that people of all ages and preferences would enjoy. Now, after working with a whole team of people, including top dieticians and nutritionists, I can proudly say that I’ve invested my ‘moral fibre’ into this new way of eating. I hope you enjoy the results!