Exotic Seedy Fruity Bites

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Exotic Seedy Fruity Bites

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Our nutritious Exotic Seedy Fruity Bites are a heady mix of raisins, dates, prunes, figs, almonds, coconut, pumpkin seeds, goji berries and gluten-free oats flavoured with orange oil & cardamon. They are energising bites of goodness and a perfect pick me up.

As these artisan products are lovingly handmade, there will be slight variations in size and appearance.   

The Snack Pack (3 bites) is £1.50

The Pot (6 bites) is £2.75

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Nutritional Info per 100g

Energy: 332 calories (40 calories per 12g bite)
Fat:  15.1g
 - of which are saturates 8.1g
Total carbohydrates 38.5g
 - of which are sugars 28.2g
Protein: 6.8g
Fibre: 7.3g
Salt: 0.1g
Calcium: 70mg
Zinc: 1.2mg
Iron: 5.7mg