Figberry Balls

Figberry Balls-01.jpg
Figberry Balls-01.jpg

Figberry Balls

from 1.50

Our delicious Figberry Balls are a naturally sweet NUT FREE combo of cranberries, figs, dates, raisins, coconut and a touch of cinnamon, lightly dusted in cocoa to cut through the sweetness of the dried fruit. They make the perfect healthy treat, anytime.

As these artisan products are lovingly handmade, there will be slight variations in size and appearance.  

The Snack Pack (4 balls) is £1.50

The Pot (8 balls) is £2.75


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Nutritional Info per 100g

Energy: 299 calories (30 calories per 10g ball)
Fat:  5.2g
 - of which are saturates 3.6g
Total carbohydrates 56.9g
 - of which are sugars 57.1g
Protein: 2.6g
Fibre: 7.1g
Calcium: 86.0mg
Zinc: 0.7mg
Iron: 2.7mg
Salt: 0.1g

DOES NOT CONTAIN NUTS although nuts are used in the kitchen